News Gaming News | Written by Ed Fortune 07/12/2020


If you run or play table-top roleplaying games, you know that having a supply of novel and interesting monster encounters is a pretty major thing. Handiwork Games, the people behind games such as Beowulf and The Forest Dragon have launched Handimonsters, a monster subscription service for gamers.

Designed by industry professionals Jon Hodgson and Jacob Rodgers, Handimonsters offers you a completely new, never-before-seen monster, every week, along with its artwork, stats and full, lore-filled description. Created to the high standards the Handiwork team are famous for, these creatures are directly downloadable and ready to go.

Top tier subscribers will receive additional content and benefits – not only a discount for the Handiwork store, but digital art cards, showing each creature in beautiful detail, home-printable paper minis, and virtual tabletop tokens in both portrait and top-down.

You can find out more on their website,