With May the 4th here, STARBURST is delighted to share a sneak peek at this adorable bit of Book of Boba Fett merchandise aimed squarely at younger fans.

Inspired by the season finale of the Book of Boba Fett, the Star Wars The Bounty Collection Taming the Beast Pack. features the extremely cute Grogu taking a quick nap with his new bestie, the Rancor Beast. You can almost hear the snoring.

This Star Wars multipack includes a 2.25-inch tall (5.5 cm) Grogu action figure and a 5-inch long (12.5 cm) Rancor Beast figure in super-cute sleeping poses. Plus, this Grogu toy also includes a soft blanket accessory, so he’s comfortable whilst snuggling against the huge monster.

Previous Grogu poses in The Bounty Collection have included a meditating Grogu and a Grogu sneakily grabbing an alien egg from its container. More May The Fourth reveals can be found via the Hasbro Pulse Livestream.

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