News Movies TV | Written by Martin Unsworth 20/07/2021

Get Ready to Raise Hell This August on Horror Channel

Horror Channel has lined up some genre favourites for August, giving fear fans a chance to revisit some classic films and series.

The schedule includes:

Sunday, August 1st: Rollerball (2002) - John McTiernan’s remake of the 1975 film, which ups the violence on the wheeled sport.

Tuesday, August 3rd: Hellraiser (1987) - Clive Barker directs his own story, which introduced us to the Lament Configuration puzzle box and the sinister Cenobites.

Friday, August 6th: Night of the Living Dead (1990) - SFX makeup artist Tom Savini directs this cracking remake of George A. Romero’s seminal film.

Tuesday, August 10th: Hellraiser II: Hellbound (1989) - the Cenobites return to claim another soul in the first sequel to Barker’s classic.

Tuesday, August 17th: Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth (1993) - Pinhead and the gang are back to tear more souls apart.

Wednesday, August 18th: The 4400 - the hit series returns to the Sci-Fi Zone every weekday.

Tuesday, August 24th: Re-Animator (1985) - Stuart Gordon’s superb adaptation of the H.P. Lovecraft story stars Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton and has a wickedly twisted sense of humour.

Thursday, August 27th: Tremors (1990) - Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward find it hard to leave Perfection, Nevada as some carnivorous underground creatures make their presence known.

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