News Movies News | Written by Martin Unsworth 23/12/2020

Get a Producer Credit on a New VIPCO Film

The recently relaunched video label VIPCO has announced that fans can become a producer on the upcoming VIPCO’s Vault of Terror Volume 1.

For only £25, you can have your name in the credits of the upcoming portmanteau film. The shorts have already been arranged, and it’s just the wraparound elements that need to be filmed (safely and dependant on COVID restrictions). As well as having your name on the actual film, you will be listed as a producer on IMDB.

This opportunity is open to fans worldwide and every producer will receive a copy of the movie once it has been released. The credit does not give you any say in production of the movie or how it is distributed, however.

If you are interested in getting involved, you can make a payment of £25 via PayPal (use the friends and family option) to:

To stay up to date on the project and future projects you can give VIPCO a follow on the website and following social media: Facebook: and Instagram:

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