News Book News TV | Written by EdFortune 22/01/2021

Gareth Powell Sci-Fi Novels Coming to TV

Gareth L. Powell’s  award-winning sci-fi novel series Embers of War is to be developed into a television show. Breck Eisner, best known as the director of The Expanse, will direct.  The book will be adapted for the screen by Gary Graham, who is one of the most sought after screenwriters in the industry today.

Embers of War is a cracking piece of space-opera sci-fi. Set in a far future, mankind is split into broadly two factions who have just come out of a bitter war.  The novel focuses mostly on the crew of The Trouble Dog, a sentient former warship which now works for The House of Reclamation, a sort of intergalactic version of The Thunderbirds/International Rescue.

Powell’s work is noted for its breath-taking and cinematic style, and the author has been compared favourably to the likes of Iain M Banks and Peter F Hamilton in terms of tone and storytelling.

Former ABC chief Paul Lee’s independent studio wiip are to produce, alongside former Warner Bros president Greg Silverman’s company Stampede Ventures. We understand that the latter has been keen to produce epic sci-fi for some time.

It is very likely that this show, when complete, will be available via a streaming service. None has been announced as yet, but with The Expanse coming to an end, the smart money is on Amazon.

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