News Gaming News | Written by Ed Fortune 27/08/2022

Games Workshop Release New Intro Games

Games Workshop have announced three ‘complete in the box’ introduction games that complement their main brands. These compact games are perfect gifts and a great addition to a gamers collection.

Blitz Bowl is a lighter version of legendary fantasy sports-game Blood Bowl. The rules are shorter and snappier, and the teams are smaller; you get six humans and six skaven ‘rat-men’ to play this 30 minute violent sports game. All the fun of sports without having to go out the house.

Combat Arena Clash of Champions is a battle royale system using Game Workshop’s Combat Arena engine. This is a short run gladiatorial game that uses specialise card decks and a small board to create a short, brutal but very fun combat game. The plot is that four champions are trapped in a mad alien’s vault and most fight their way out to win.  It also helps that the box comes with four ‘champion’ citadel miniatures, the sort of pieces you’d use to lead an army of miniatures.

Finally we’re getting Warhammer Quest: Lost Relics.  The Warhammer Quest series is one of Games Workshop’s strongest boxed set ranges. These are narrative, dungeon crawl games that come with great models, four in the case of this set. Four friends will explore dungeons, fight goblins and go on from adventure to adventure. It’s a great way to get into table-top adventure gaming, and it’s all in one box.

All three of these games have arrived at Starburst Towers (thanks to Games Workshop) and we’ll be posting reviews very soon.