News Movies News | Written by Matt Taylor 20/04/2021

FURIOSA to Film in 2022 with Chris Hemsworth Along for the Ride!

Director George Miller has announced that his upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road prequel will begin filming in Australia next year.

The film, which focuses on the character of Furiosa, will shoot in New South Wales in 2022, before its release the following February.

With the announcement came the news that Thor actor Chris Hemsworth will be joining the cast of the film, which already includes Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch) as a younger Furiosa, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Aquaman).

The film will take place over a number of years as it follows the character of Furiosa, first seen in 2015’s Fury Road, where she was played by Charlize Theron. Though Max himself is the series’ protagonist, Furiosa is seen by many as the heart of Fury Road. It’ll be interesting to see how Miller decides to fill in her backstory – especially as she works perfectly well without one.

Regardless of its narrative, fans can certainly expect more of the batshit-insane action that made Fury Road so beloved by all, and led the film to a whopping six Oscar wins from ten nominations. We’re secretly keeping our fingers crossed for more of the fire-spouting electric guitar.

It was also revealed that the film will be the biggest production ever shot in Australia, and will support more than 850 local jobs and contribute around $350 million to Australia’s economy. With so many people across the world facing economic hardship thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s great to see big-budget productions supporting local workers like this.

Furiosa will be revving into cinemas in February 2023.