The New Year brings a new series on the free streaming platform NYX UK hosted by former STARBURST writer and genre guru Alan Jones. Entitled FrightFest Saturday Scares with Alan Jones, the show will see the respected critic, author, broadcaster, and festival director (not to mention punk and disco legend!) introduce some of his favourite films. He’ll be revealing facts and sharing his personal anecdotes about the movies.

The series starts on Saturday, January 20th with Mara Bava’s amazing Blood and Black Lace, with William Castle’s 13 Ghosts screening the following week. The show is produced by Alan’s FrightFest co-directors Ian Rattray and Greg Day.

Alan said of the show: “When NYX offered me the opportunity to talk about some of my favourite titles they have in their impressive and extensive library, I jumped at the chance. This FrightFest-produced show allows me to share my memories, fun facts and rarely reported information, but primarily to delight the NYX audience who will hopefully make ‘FrightFest Saturday Night Scares with Alan Jones’ an appointment destination”.

There are also more reasons to tune to NYX UK, as the channel has a host of great films for January, including Troll Hunter (Saturday, Jan 13th), The Satanic Rites of Dracula (Sunday, Jan 14th), John Carpenter’s The Ward (Tuesday, Jan 16th, to celebrate the Horror Master’s birthday), Jess Franco’s Female Vampire (Friday, Jan 19th), Lucio Fulci’s The House by the Cemetery (Tuesday, Jan 23rd) and the controversial nasty The House on the Edge of the Park (Friday, Jan 26th)

NYX UK is available on Freeview 289, Channelbox App, TCL TVs, and Distro TV.

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