News Movies | Written by Martin Unsworth 11/01/2021

First Images Released for Indie Film SENSELESS

The lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic has inspired independent filmmakers to think outside the box and carry on their work. Director Sam Mason Bell (Toxic Schlock, Home Videos) has done just that with his upcoming film Senseless, co-produced with The Trash Arts, HB Films, and Guerilla Girl Productions. We have the first images from the film below.

From the press release:

With a specially chosen cast and crew, using individuals from the same households where possible, the plan is to start to shoot Senseless was filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic. The film tells the story of when Jason (Ryan Carter) storms out on his wife, Diane (Ella Palmer), one summer’s night, he seeks refuge in a nearby forest. Little does he know the forest is plagued with lost souls manifesting in his darkest desires and innermost fears. Lost and tormented in the forest, will Jason find his way home?

Sam Mason Bell and Jackson Batchelor are the creators of this very different, very arthouse, horror film and will be supporting cast as well Director and Cinematographer respectively. Assisted by Abbie Hills, Jack White, and Katie Johnson, the film will involve plenty of CGI visual effects as well as abundant gore and practical effects make-up.

Director Sam Mason Bell had the following to say about the film - “I feel very lucky to have been able to make Senseless, not only during a lockdown but with the support of everyone who helped our Indiegogo. It was a tough as hell challenge, shooting during nights mostly in the summer of 2020, with a crew of 4. But I am very proud of this surreal nightmare of a horror, which we are now in post-production on!

Check out the first images below. Senseless will be released soon.

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