News Movies News | Written by Laura Potier 20/09/2021

FINCH Trailer: Tom Hanks Buddies With Dog and Robot For The Apocalypse

Finch, a post-apocalyptic drama from Apple Studios which stars America's sweetheart Tom Hanks, has just released its first trailer.

It is the story of an unlikely family: a man, a robot, and a dog, surviving together at the end of the world. The titular hero (Hanks) is a robotics engineer and a survivor of a cataclysmic event that has left the planet a wasteland.

"It all happened so fast," explains Finch in this first trailer. "There was a solar flare. Goodbye crops and food, goodbye everything. So I hid, frightened and so alone... And I found you." The "you" in question is none other than the world's goodest boy, the trailer's – and, one would anticipate, the film's – scene-stealing presence: a dog called Goodyear. He becomes Finch's whole life, as demonstrated through a series of domestic scenes.

Wanting to ensure his canine companion will be loved and cared for once Finch is no longer able to look after him, he builds a robot (played by 2021 Cannes Festival's Best Actor winner Caleb Landry Jones) to watch over Goodyear.

When a storm hits however, the gang is forced to leave the bunker they called home and embark on a road trip into the desolated American West. On this journey, Finch hopes to show his creation – who has named himself Jeff – what it means to be alive.

Directed by Game of Thrones and True Detective's Miguel Sapochnik from a screenplay by Ivor Powell and Craig Luck, Finch promises to be the most wholesome apocalyptic sci-fi we've ever come across.

The Apple TV+ original will release November 5th. In the meantime, you can watch the trailer below: