Features | Written by Animal Johns 18/02/2021

Things to do while on a (short) break from bingeing movies

Everybody loves a good movie, and probably a few pretty awful ones as well. Even those for whom movies go way beyond a hobby, the unrivaled opportunity to binge watch recently will have left most people reaching the bottom of the list of things they want to watch.

When this happens, there are two choices. You can either start trawling the depths of the streaming services, down among the ones that got two and a half stars and the ‘big name’ is some past it 90’s action movie star – or you can take a break for a while, and come back refreshed and not nearly as desperate.

If you’ve gone for the second option, here are few ideas for other activities that will give you a breather from that movie binge.

#1 Go for a walk

It might not seem the perfect time for it, but if you’ve been inside watching movies for a while, a bit of fresh air, vitamin D, and some exercise might be almost literally what the doctor ordered. The benefits of all three are well documented, and the lift that a change of scenery can give you cannot be underestimated, as well as being an excellent head clearer.

#2 Play online games

If, for some reason (usually the weather), a walk isn’t on your do list, and you want to stay on the sofa, then playing a game might be the thing to do. You don’t have to have the latest console or a thirst for COD, as there are plenty of games you can play, from matching shapes to running your own island. If that doesn’t float your boat and fancy something a bit more old school, you can play popular classic slots games or board games like Monopoly or Scrabble.

#3 Cook a big meal

The chances are, if you’ve been sat there binge-watching movies, that what you’ve been eating won’t have been on too many healthy eating guides. Your break from the movies could be accompanied by a break from the junk food and a trip to the kitchen to cook something healthy(ish).

This one might take some planning if you want to go for the ‘full Nigella’, or if you only have what’s in your cupboards, then a visit to the Bootstrap Cook’s website might lead you to a new favourite recipe.

#4 Odd DIY jobs

You’re bound to have a couple of odd DIY jobs you’ve been putting off due to lack of motivation. Now might be the time to do them as not only will it give you a break from the movies for an hour or so (especially if you need to pop out for supplies), but the sense of achievement of knocking a couple of long-standing items off of your to-do list cannot be underestimated.

Besides, if things don’t quite go to plan and it turns out to be a bit more trouble than you thought – what better way to relax after completing the job than to sit down and relax while watching a movie!

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