Features | Written by Ben Bradley 19/09/2022

Taking a look at the biggest UK casino movies

British filmmakers haven't been afraid to make movies about gambling, which is good. Although Las Vegas commands respect, British filmmakers have created an amazing selection of gambling films that have captured the world's interest.

In Britain, 007 is often thought of as the best gambler in the country, but most Bond movies are actually shot outside of Britain.

We now turn our focus to the top gambling films from Great Britain.

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Funny Man

Funny Man is a genre mashup that passes for horror while mixing in plenty of side-splitting laughs. It is equal parts comedy and horror. Audiences have dubbed this piece of something unexpectedly humorous as an English horror film, and there are more than a few references to gambling throughout. The plot is, dare I say, thin as paper, and it's all done with a joke. To convey the tale of Max Taylor, Simon Sprackling penned and filmed the film, Funny Man.

He wins Callum Chance's ancestral mansion by playing high-stakes poker. Max's family is brutally murdered by a murderous court jester named Funny Man, who has truly horrible intentions and is motivated by them. Funny Man, which has a meager budget of 50,000 pounds, is not expected to top the rankings as the most successful gaming product in the United Kingdom. If you love dark comedy, you'll enjoy this.


Jason Statham's character, played here by Green, is a recently released felon. He is freed from solitary prison after serving 7 years, and he begins gambling. He is a skilled gambler who can swiftly amass a large sum of money by betting it on slot machines, poker, and other table games. But, ultimately, his motivation for gambling is vengeance. Mr. D, also known as Dorothy Macha, is the target of his rage.

This cruel criminal is the same guy who put Jake in jail. To put it mildly, the ante is raised to a fever pitch, and a hit is delivered to Jake Green in no time. This British casino film offers everything you might want in terms of tension, desperation, and action. With continuous flashbacks and heartbreaking moments, action addict Jason Statham delivers a tour de force, expertly assisted by André Ben and Ray Liotta. Revolver is a movie that doesn't waste any bullets according to Guy Ritchie, who also wrote and directed it.


In one of his most underrated movies, Clive Owen does a great job. Croupier came out in July 2000, and it made a total of $7,120,000 around the world. Owen, which stars Jack Manfred, is about a writer who has no prospects. He unknowingly decides to disregard caution and work as a croupier at a casino as a result. The allure of the gaming industry is simply too strong to ignore. But his compulsions are not without cost. Gambling affects his relationship with Marion. Jack Manfred meets a troubled gambler, and the action heats up.