Features | Written by Laura Potier 02/06/2022

Tahmoh Penikett | GENZEROES

Battlestar Galactica, Dollhouse and Supernatural star Tahmoh Penikett recently spoke with STARBURST about his latest project, the first ever NFT-integrated live action series, titled GenZeroes. 

GenZeroes is a sweeping sci-fi series set two centuries in the future, after Earth has been left in ruins by a marauding alien species who stole the majority of the planet's natural resources. Left in the wake of their destruction are 10 factions, each one with their own philosophy on how humanity should begin again.

Though Earth's population is at its smallest since the Stone Age, thanks to the abandoned alien machines, the human race has never been more technologically advanced. Medicine, travel, and most importantly weaponry, are at such an advanced stage they would be thought of as pure science fiction today. But even as our technological achievements evolved exponentially, as always the slowest to evolve is our own nature. With humanity at stake, and each faction jockeying for control using the most advanced technology in our history, alliance and betrayal are still the most potent weapons.

As Penikett explains below, GenZeroes is not restricted to a single form of media. Season 1 will alternate formats between webisodes and comics. The even-numbered episodes will be 5-10 minute webisodes, and the odd-numbered episodes will be released as online comics. All chapters of GenZeroes are free to access via the show's website.

For more on GenZeroes, hit up the official site.

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