Features | Written by Ben Bradley 30/09/2021

Why Is The Starburst Slot Game So Popular?

Starburst will celebrate a decade of existence in January 2022 and 10 years after its official release, it is still going strong. This is one of the most popular games today and one of the first slots that come to mind when visiting the best slot sites online. It carries no progressive jackpots and its graphics are slightly dated, but it continues to rank high in the preferences of slots enthusiasts. Knowing this, it is only natural to wonder why this game is so popular after all these years.

Many free spins for new players

Starburst has been around for many years, so it is well known by online casino players. There are plenty of online gambling operators that have this game in their portfolios. It made perfect sense for them to offer free spins on Starburst when players sign up for a new account and make a deposit. Sometimes the bonus rounds come with no strings attached, which makes them even more attractive for free spins recipients. This has a direct and significant impact on the popularity of this game that has passed the test of time.

The bonus rounds are not offered exclusively to new members, but also as a part of ongoing or recurrent campaigns. Weekly and monthly promotions sometimes bring this game back into the spotlight, with free spins and bonus deals. As a result, even those few players who haven’t had the chance to try Starburst yet are likely to spin its reels if they can do it for free.

Engaging gameplay and a high return to player

When Starburst was released in 2012 players were impressed by the graphics and animations. Even the music was outstanding for those years, but much of this appeal was lost over time. On the other hand, the engaging gameplay continues to make a strong case for this aging video slot. It was released just in time to be optimized for mobile devices, so punters can try it on smartphones and tablets.

The return to player has always been a key factor in determining the appeal of any slot. The higher the percentage, the more attractive it is, with Starburst paying nearly 97% of the investment. Even though there are games with higher returns, these numbers are nothing to frown upon. For players who want to try a classic game without being pit against the crushing house edge, this is an excellent solution.

Surprisingly, there are not many Starburst alternatives out there and virtually no games trying to replicate its success. Even though there were a few attempts at developing something similar, the copycats never had a real chance. NetEnt created a true gem and most importantly, a game capable of passing the test of time. This slot is not going away anytime soon and its popularity is expected to persist. You can find it at most online casinos and many more are likely to add it to their portfolios.