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Ruby Barker • BAGHEAD

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John Townsend
Ruby Barker Baghead

Ruby Barker is a British actor best known for playing Marina in the Netflix show Bridgerton. Now, she has made the leap to the big screen with a key role in the new horror Baghead. Ruby took some time to talk to us about her new film, her favourite horrors and what scares her.

STARBURST: How would you describe your character and role in Baghead?

Ruby Barker: So, I play the role of Katie who is Iris’s, played by Freya Allan, best mate. We’ve known each other for years, and they have a sisterly bond. Katie is the voice of sanity, the voice of reason. She’s correct, and on it. Got good acumen and is hard-working. And she cuts through the nonsense. She’s basically the audience.

When you received the script, what was particularly interesting about it for you?

It’s written really well, and I loved the premise. It was originally a short film, and I love the idea that there are a set of circumstances that are hella creepy, that you can bring back the dead for a couple of minutes. But at what cost? It’s really fascinating as it’s something we’ve all thought about, and if you haven’t yet then you surely will at some point in your life. Because grief is something we’re all going to experience. It’s something that unites everybody. So, yeah, it’s a cool idea with cool creatives behind it.

The location is important with Baghead; did that feed into your performance?

Yeah, it was really creepy. There was some stuff in a studio but a lot on location. I love being on location and it was beautiful. It was like a castle, and it was so creepy, it was perfect. There was this beautiful garden, and it was autumn which is one of my favourite seasons. It was nice to go into this dark, creepy set and then come outside to just the cleanest air and beautiful scenery. Just to be able to sit out and talk to people. It was a lovely environment to work in.

How would you describe what Baghead is?

So, what is Baghead? The ambiguity surrounding Baghead is kind of what makes it so scary. On paper, she’s a witch. She’s of the supernatural world. And supernatural horror is really scary. In life, we don’t fully understand things or why we’re here. Lots of science is disproven. Some people are really spiritual, and some people aren’t. But when you go into the supernatural, and spirituality, there aren’t any rules. What is possible here? That’s creepy and really scary. And Baghead is just really scary. The costume alone is really scary.

You mention the supernatural there; are you a horror fan?

I do like horror, but I can’t really do it alone. I get really scared. Even as a kid I couldn’t watch scary movies. Even Jurassic Park, that was scary to me. I think it’s because I get really into it, and I’ve got a big imagination. I do watch it, but I’m traumatised after. I’m a screamer and a jumper! Let me think of my favourites. Alien, I mean, what on Earth? And REC.? Lord have mercy! And it’s always best to see horror when you don’t know what to expect.

How do you choose your roles? Do you seek out horror?

I’m seldom asked to play the voice of reason. But how do you choose? Is the script really good? Who’s behind it? What other actors are involved? That all helps me choose. Freya had attached before I had, and when I heard I jumped at it. She was a real reason. I wanted to work with her and held her high up in my estimations. Peter Mullan, Ned Dennehy, Saffron Burrows – she’s really cool.

How have you found the transition from television to film?

They’re both very different experiences but I like them both. Bridgerton was shot over something like seven months, you spend a long time in the job. Whereas film is shorter; we shot Baghead in six weeks. It’s really intense for this short period of time. It can be easier to take television for granted but that’s not the case with film. It really is going to end soon.

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