Features | Written by Ben Bradley 15/11/2022

Review of the online casino games with the largest prize pool

Players just love to place bets and try to win big prizes most of the time. And it's true most of the thrills and excitations lie in the competitions between gamblers. This energetic spirit is the main thing that compels them to arrange large tournaments to win games with the largest prize pools.

Is there any chance of winning big?

Even though we all know there is no such thing as a guaranteed win, and we are not likely to win big, players still dream and hope for the best. There is always a high chance that the next spins of the slots or the roulette will not make us rich with a massive payout. However, a large part of the fun lies in the anticipation. So, let's check out some of the online casino games with a massive prize pool. After all, sometimes good fortune does find those very lucky ones.

Online casino games with the largest prize pool

Nowadays, in the gaming industry, online casinos are leading in terms of providing convenience, huge gaming libraries, and large prize pools. That is pretty impossible to find in any physical casino. The online platforms in Canada also come up with exclusive no-deposit bonuses, welcome packages, and $10 deposit casino bonuses for the players in Canada to earn big.

Casino Jackpots

Winning casino jackpots are the most attractive ones of all. You can win massive jackpots by playing your favourite slot games, but the more impressive is winning progressive jackpots.

As the name suggests, the jackpot keeps growing whenever a gamer plays the machine without winning. And it can increase quickly into massive totals as many people participate in the same online slots. Do you want to gain some knowledge of the casino industry from an expert? Check out the profile of Kevin N. Cochran.

Types of progressive jackpots you can play

  • Standalone Progressive jackpots
  • Local Progressive jackpots
  • Global Progressive jackpots

Top-rated games with progressive jackpots

1. Mega Fortune & Mega Moolah

These two online casino games are the best and offer the largest prize pools provided by the biggest online slot manufacturers, NetEnt and Microgaming. Mega Moolah comes with a huge draw of $ 1 million whenever you win and also makes your casino journey fascinating with its safari-themed slots. Moreover, it made its place as the top-ranked progressive jackpot several times, which comes with medium volatility with an RTP of 88.12%.

Mega Fortune casino slot also impresses the gambler with its sleek design and is also popular among Canadians. This slot has paid out a jackpot equivalent to $25 million CAD.

2. MegaJackpots by IGT

A review of the online casino games with the biggest jackpots is incomplete without mentioning the MegaJackpots developed by IGT. You can play this game in certain places in Canada, like Ontario and Nova Scotia. Winning the games with the largest prize pool is fun.

All you have to do is— hit the five winning MegaJackpots symbols displayed on the middle rows of the game you select. Although, you must know that maximum bet is necessary. Some of the famous games are Cleopatra, Cluedo, and Wheel of Fortune on Air. In Canada, in these slot machine games, the biggest prize paid was $3.5 million.

3. Quick Hit Progressive Slots

Bally's Quick Hit Range has been in the casino industry for years. Winning the prizes is simple. You will find some special symbols of the Quick Hit logo. And getting nine of them on a spin rewards you with the largest prize pools

Quick Hit slots now offer players 30+ different versions that also feature fascinating bonuses. It gives prizes like— free spin with multipliers and locking wild and scatter symbols along with some traditional (bells, cherries, and bars) and exotic themes to make your online casino games even more exciting.

This slot machine game is available across Canada. And the latest versions are on online platforms. Although, if you want to win big, never forget to check out the terms & conditions. And you may need to wager maximum in terms of winning big.

4. PowerBucks Progressives

If you live in Canada, you might come across some online casino games by IGT, and PowerBucks games are one of them with a massive prize pool. You can play this game online in some selected places in Canada, like Ontario. You can earn the maximum payout of $1 million from the different levels of progressive jackpots. PowerBucks progressive comes with a wide range of wheel of fortune games, including Shimmering Sapphires, Hawaiian Getaway and Latin Getaways.

One of the largest payouts was in 2020 for the game PowerBucks Wheel of Fortune. A lucky winner won CA $2.2 million for this game. Two years later, a player in British Columbia broke the record by winning CA$2,129,070 in March 2022.


Here in this article, we have shared a detailed review of the online casino games you can play to earn real cash. The best part about playing casino games is that they are entertaining and also offer you a chance to win big jackpots to make your casino experience worthwhile. But always look for an authentic platform and read the rules carefully before going for any casino rewards.