Features | Written by Ben Bradley 31/12/2021

Netflix biggest hits of 2021

As 2021 has nothing else to surprise us, we can finally go through the newest productions on Netflix and check which of them were the most popular throughout the year. Among the biggest hits were both new series and the ones that are available for some time and in 2021 only released other seasons. If you haven’t watched the Netflix hits yet, it’s time to catch up.

New productions

Every year, at least a few new productions are available on Netflix, but the truth remains that not all of them become the hits of the platform. Some of them, however, are record-breaking. Find out which new series of this year has turned out to be great hits.

Squid Game

Who hasn’t heard this year about Squid Game, a Netflix production that broke all the records in terms of popularity? It’s a South Korean series that, on the surface, is just an intriguing story of the poor who out of misery decided to participate in an unusual, child game. The stakes are high, and the conditions to win are terrifying. Below the thematic surface, there is a deep interpretation and depiction of society and its problems. Squid Game, however, is also a well-made production that is worth watching. It certainly will make everyone glad that there are easier and safer ways to gain extra money and have fun, like online casinos such as VegasSlotsOnline, where you can play the best Pragmatic Play slots. Nothing terrifying awaits you there!


The French series on Netflix, Lupin, became a big hit the moment it was released. The story revolves around Assane Diop, a man who got inspired by the adventures of a thief named Arsene Lupin. Assane plans to revenge the mistreating of his father by a wealthy man called Pellegrini. Inspired by the mentioned gentleman-thief Lupin, Assane wants to expose the rich.


The American miniseries available on Netflix since this year, Maid, has quickly won the viewers’ hearts. It’s a story of a single mother who has left her abusive partner and started working as a maid to make things end. The story is inspired by a book and from the very first episode, it is a real heartbreaker. Definitely a must-watch for all drama lovers.

Not the newest but still great

Netflix is a platform full of evergreen content. Even the series that had their premiere a year, two or a few years ago, attract the interest of a wide audience. Especially when they have a new season coming every year. Among such everlasting hits, the most popular this year were such productions as Queen’s Gambit, Sex Education or The Witcher - a true variety of genres.

Queen’s Gambit

Who hasn’t heard about Queen’s Gambit when the whole world got crazy about it? The series based on a book tells the story of a young, extremely talented chess player - Beth Harmon. She learns how to play almost by accident, but quickly discover that this board game became her obsession.

The Witcher

On the podium, there is also something for the fans of the fantasy genre. The Witcher is a masterpiece of the genre that originated as a book, became a legendary video game and finally awaited its screen adaptation. The story of the Witcher, monster-slayer, Geralt of Rivia, captivates people around the world and keeps them on the age of their seats while unraveling the mysterious world. We encourage you to find out why and how The Witcher (in all forms) became a cultural phenomenon.

Emily in Paris

Netflix top productions are not only about dramatic, mysterious, thrilling events, but they are also nice and pleasant. Emily in Paris is this light proposition for all fans of romance, fashion and Paris. The main heroine of the story, Emily, moves from the USA to Paris and, with her eccentric style, quickly comes out of the shadow.

Sex Education

Sex Education is considered by many as one of the best Netflix series of all time. It’s all for more than one reason. Most of all, it’s well-made, captivating, fun and interesting, but also, what is equally important, it plays an invaluably educational role in teaching the young audience about the reality of their sexuality - even better than most teachers and schools do.