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The Name’s Bond: Best Daniel Craig Moments

Ever since Dr. No was released in 1962, there have been some great films, actors, and action sequences in the 007 film franchise. It was in 2006 when Daniel Craig took on the role of James Bond in Casino Royale. Craig’s reinvention of Bond was positively received by critics and the film ended up earning close to $600 million at the Box Office.

In Casino Royale we saw 007 up against Le Chiffre playing for tens of millions of dollars in a game of Texas Hold’em; certainly higher stakes than most of us would see playing a few hands online at LeoVegas, but something that’s par for the course when you’re one of the world’s best known secret agents.

Since the release of Casino Royale back in 2006, Daniel Craig has been wowing audiences in the role of Bond again and again. In his time in the role he’s pulled off performances and action scenes that have given fans of the Bond franchise plenty to talk about, and with a new No Time To Die trailer recently released, audiences are getting excited for what is to be the last film with Daniel Craig as 007.

While we wait eagerly for the release, here are just some of best moments in Daniel Craig’s 007 career.

Casino Royale

The opening sequence

After the invisible cars and infamous tsunami surfing of Pierce Brosnan’s final Bond outing four years before it, the makers of Casino Royale made quite a statement when they opened their film with a stripped back, brutal fight between Bond and the henchman of a corrupt British official. It would take a watery ending for the henchman, and a bullet for his superior to let us know that Bond was back, but different this time.

The sinking building

Casino Royale’s dramatic conclusion keeps up the same frantic energy the film started with, as Bond fights his way through a crumbling and sinking building in the heart of the stunning city of Venice. Audiences get to see Bond fight his way through villain after villain as the building slowly begins to sink. Viewers also got to see a more emotional and raw side to 007 as he fights to save Vesper; the woman, and his love, who betrayed him. Bringing together both action, heartbreak, and mystery, it is the perfect scene that sets Bond up for revenge in the final scenes and for future sequels.

Quantum of Solace

A night at the opera

Though many criticise Quantum of Solace for taking on the breakneck directorial style of the Bourne franchise, the film still offered many classy Bond moments. One moment includes this stunning sequence at the opera, as Bond moves about amongst the strange angles and shadows behind the stage. Meanwhile the music of Tosca builds up to its own climax that brilliantly parallels the escalating action for Bond himself, as he takes on the henchman of the evil Dominic Greene.


The opening sequence

Drawing on Casino Royale’s breathless opening and taking it to the next level, Skyfall treats audiences to the non-stop roller coaster ride from its opening seconds with Bond and Moneypenny pursuing a thief of government secrets. From riding motorbikes on rooftops, to tearing apart a moving train with a digger, this scene has everything, including a jaw dropping cliff-hanger when Moneypenny misplaces her shot and we sink into the strings of Adele’s haunting Bond theme.The Skyfall estate siege

While much of Bond’s life before MI6 is shrouded in secrecy, it’s the glimpse into his past life with Skyfall that is most intriguing. Where best to have an epic villain showdown than at the childhood home of 007?After all the globetrotting adventures, Skyfall brings audiences to a stripped-down faceoff for its conclusion, with Bond, M, and a humble groundskeeper, left with only scavenged firepower and homemade defences to repel Javier Bardem’s villain and his small army.The film racks up the tension with the sheer desperation of Bond’s situation, as it all builds up to a shocking conclusion across a frozen lake and inside an old chapel.


Escaping from Blofeld

Injecting a bit of old school style and action into its central escape sequence, this brilliant scene from the underrated Spectre sees a great mix of the new Bond and classic Bond come together for a thrilling piece of cinema.

For long-time Bond fans, it was revealed in this sequence that Franz Oberhauser is actually Ernst Stavros Blofeld; the mysterious mastermind behind the SPECTRE organisation. The infamous Bond villain is responsible for many plots that Bond has fought against in his MI6 career and he hasn’t appeared on-screen since 1971’s Diamonds Are Forever.

This classic 007 sequence has a great villainous speech, torture devices, exploding gadgets, and blazing machine guns. When Bond finally escapes via helicopter, you are almost reluctant the action had to end so soon.

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