Features | Written by Ed Fortune 27/06/2022

Greater Manchester Fringe Festival 2022 Preview

Manchester is a city famous for it's vibrant arts and culture scene. The city is well known for being the place where amazing art begins. With that in mind;  The Greater Manchester Fringe is filled with new talent and experimental acts. It’s a city where you get to see the next big thing first.

While you’re enjoying the Manchester International Festival Sounds 2022, remember that The Greater Manchester Fringe runs throughout July and tickets are usually less than a tenner.  And don’t forget to visit STARBURST’s favourite bar, Fab Café, for some pre-show drinks beforehand.

Let’s take a look at some of the cult entertainment style shows on offer in 2022.

Skedaddle: A Space Opera The Empty Space: Tue 26th July - Weds 27th July. Salford Arts Theatre: 29th  July to 30th July 19:30

Twitter: @Rocket_Whip . More: linktr.ee/rocketwhip

The most exciting show of 2022.

Everyone loves a musical. A Sci-Fi one more so. Skedaddle is an intergalactic, dystopian adventure about finding hope on a hopeless planet. Our plucky protagonists will face challenges spanning love, loss, climate change, and the burning remnants of the Crystal Wars.

Science Adventures: The Power Pickle Salford Arts Theatre: Mon 25th Jul - Wed 27th Jul 18:00

Twitter:  @CoppiceTheatre More: Coppice Theatre

So much fun.

Meet the A.C.E.S, an elite team of scientists doing science like no-one has ever done science before! Professor Von Brandt and the team are on the ground looking for the perfect location for their top-secret, super-important, science-assignment. But the team are in a right pickle! Professor McGuffin’s ground-breaking Sub-Nuclear Optical Transmitter (S.N.O.T.) has stopped working, and it’s jeopardising the whole mission! Disaster! Now they need to find a way to power it! Join our intrepid scientists on an adventure like no other...

It’s Not Rocket Science The Empty Space (formerly Footlights House): Fri 22nd July - Sat 23rd July 19:30,14:30

Twitter: @LetterFLetterTC More: Letter For Letter

Important and intelligent theatre.

Eve always knew she belonged in the stars, but those on Earth keep bringing her down. Watch her grow up and grow wiser about how rocket science is the easy part, but being treated equally isn’t.

A combination of verbatim and epic theatre, It’s Not Rocket Science is inspired by interviews conducted with over twenty female aerospace professionals from around the world. Eve’s life is an amalgamation of all their stories, and their interviews are quoted both directly and indirectly within the production. Watch these real women’s stories and learn about their experiences navigating a male-dominated industry.

Garry Starr: Greece Lightning The Kings Arms Theatre Mon 18th July - Fri 22nd July 19:00

Twitter: @garrythestarr More: garrystarr.com

Ridiculous fun. An overzealous idiot attempts to perform all of Greek Mythology in less than 60 minutes in order to save his Hellenic homeland from economic ruin. Never before has Medusa been looser, Achilles more sillies, or Uranus so heinous. Having single handedly saved the performing arts in 2018 with his multi-award-winning debut show Garry Starr Performs Everything, comic wunderkind Garry Starr returns with another anarchic masterclass not to be mythed.

Mr Benn The Musical The Squad House Fri 8th Jul 20:00

Twitter: @StageSquad More: stagesquad.co.uk

Unmissable Nostalgia Inspired Fun. Mr Benn is back for two brand new adventures from behind the dressing room curtain! Follow him kicking and screaming with laughter back to the 1970s in this hilarious adults only comedy musical thing....