Features | Written by Martin Unsworth 23/08/2021

Five Films to Check Out on Horror Channel This Week – 230821

Here are five great reasons to tune into Horror Channel this week….

Tuesday August 24th, 10.50pm - Re-Animator (1985)

The late, great Stuart Gordon directs this riotous adaptation of the H.P. Lovecraft story. Jeffrey Combs is excellent as Herbert West, a medical student who invents a concoction that can bring the dead back to life with horrific results. Horror royalty Barbara Crampton is amazing as the love interest of one of West’s classmates and who attracts the attention of a mean-spirited colleague.

Wednesday August 25th, 9pm - The Tall Man (2012)

The child of a nurse (Jessica Biel) is abducted and the local legend ‘the Tall Man’ is thought to be behind the disappearance. This superb shocker from Martyrs director Pascal Laugier is wonderfully twisted and will stay with you long after it’s finished.

Thursday August 26th, 10.45pm - Hostel Part II (2007)

Cracking sequel to Eli Roth’s classic that birthed the term ‘torture porn’. Written and directed once more by Roth, the Elite Hunting Club once more kidnap victims for the rich and powerful to main and kill for fun.

Friday August 27th, 10.55pm - No One Lives (2012)

Luke Evans stars a guy you certainly wouldn’t want to cross, as a group of thugs find out. Full of gloriously gory set pieces and plenty of twists and turns, this is one worth staying up for.

Sunday August 29th, 11.10pm - Paranormal Activity (2007)

Director Oren Peli’s hugely successful found footage film will have you heading to bed to sleep with the lights on after watching it. Is that something touching your foot?

Tune into Horror Channel on Sky 317, Virgin 149, Freeview 68, Freesat 138.