Features | Written by Martin Unsworth 19/07/2021

Five Films to Check Out on Horror Channel This Week – 190721

As the country opens up from restrictions, here are some great reasons to stay inside. Our picks for the next seven days on Horror Channel...

Tuesday July 20th, 9pm - A Lonely Place to Die (2011)

This is a fantastic thriller following a group of recreational mountain climbers who come under fire when they discover a young girl who has been buried alive miles away from civilisation. Stars Melissa George, Ed Speleers, and the always watchable Sean Harris.

Wednesday July 21st, 10.55pm - Fright Night (1985)

Tom Holland’s much-loved directorial debut has Chris Sarandon as the vampiric next-door neighbour of Charley Brewster (William Ragsdale). Calling on his hero, horror TV host Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowell), he attempts to vanquish the evil in the midst of suburbia. Unmissable.

Friday July 23rd, 9pm - Iron Sky (2012)

Gloriously over the top and of very questionable taste, Iron Sky takes the Nazis to the far side of the Moon plotting and waiting for their return with a Fourth Reich. Hilarious and offensive in equal measure, it’s tons of fun.

Saturday July 24th, 9pm - Land of the Dead (2005)

The late, great George A. Romero returns to his beloved zombie franchise with this bigger-budgeted affair. It continues the scathing social commentary of the original

trilogy and delivers more gruesome visuals. Stars Dennis Hopper and Asia Argento.

Sunday July 25th, 10.55pm - Hostel Part III (2011)

Sam Raimi alumni Scott Spiegel takes over the reins from Eli Roth and brings the Elite Hunting Club to the city of sin, Las Vegas. Although not as down and dirty as the first two films, it still delivers the gore quota.

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