Features | Written by Ben Bradley 28/05/2021

Betting on New Ideas: How Casinos Helped Make Gaming Richer

The diversification of gaming has been well documented. There have been a number of innovations since the turn of the millennium that have changed the way people play. Smartphones are the obvious. example When the first iPhone came out in 2007, it really was a gamechanger. In fact, the move from analogue to digital smartphones has changed a lot more than gaming. However, for video game fans, in particular, the iPhone and its counterparts caused an explosion of activity. Today, more people play games on their mobiles than on any other device. Indeed, there were 80 billion mobile game downloads in 2020 alone (18% year-on-year growth). Moreover, spending is set to reach $138 billion/£97 billion by 2025, according to SensorTower.

Gaming Becomes a Diverse Universe

Those are some impressive stats. However, long before the smartphone revolution, another innovation was changing the game. In the early 2000s, online betting technology took popular casino games, including poker, and turned them into digital affairs. More specifically, it turned them into real-money betting affairs. Put simply, through the combination of secure payment processing and random number generators (RNGs), online casino operators are able to offer games through which customers (who are of legal age) can win cash prizes. If you check this out, you’ll see how one particular operator, Spin Casino, does things. The review highlights how new customers can get certain bonuses, how it offers a variety of games, and many more features.

In fact, if you read through any of the casino reviews on the site, you’ll see more of the same. The combination of casino-style games, promotions, and secure payments has turned gaming sites into multi-billion-pound outfits. Much like mobile gaming, the online gambling sector is worth upwards of £6 billion in the UK and much more across the world at large. That’s an achievement in its own right, not least because the rise of online casinos had added another thread to the tapestry of gaming. However, what’s even more significant is that we’ve seen cross-pollination occur in recent years. Developers from the video gaming industry have taken ideas and inspiration from their casino counterparts.

Online Casinos Inspire New Ideas in Gaming

For example, live dealer technology connects players to physical gaming tables through a combination of webcams and RFID sensors. In many ways, this technology can be seen as a forerunner to virtual reality (VR). We know that VR technology has been in development since before the year 2000. However, products such as Oculus Rift have made virtually realistic worlds a reality in recent years. These innovations have, at least in some way, been spurred on by live dealer casino games. Why? Because there’s a clear appetite for more realistic-looking games. Live casino games have become extremely popular because they feature real people. That, in turn, makes them more immersive and feel more authentic. These feelings of immersion and authenticity are what VR companies are striving for.

Beyond realism, modern video games have started to incorporate betting features. Red Dead Redemption, for example, has a feature that allows you to play poker. Similarly, if you click here, you’ll see that Grand Theft Auto has the Diamond Casino & Resort. Even though players can’t make real-money bets, they can win in-game credits that can unlock new levels, features, and add-ons. These things have clearly been inspired by online casinos. That’s the beauty of gaming. It’s such a diverse industry that everyone can take something for everyone else. The end result is a series of separate but interconnected facets that all feed into each other. This dynamic makes gaming as a whole richer and, ultimately, more appealing for everyone.

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