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8 Great Fantasy Movies to Watch Right Now

Many people live in a harsh reality where they constantly meet challenges and deal with various stress factors, so it is not surprising they want to escape at least for a while. In such a moment, a fantasy world with all its magic and fairy-tail plots becomes a shelter. They help them become care-free kids again and come up with fascinating and exciting scenarios. When people get tired of reading essay services reviews and struggling with numerous issues, they turn on a TV set and immerse themselves in a completely different dimension. Nowadays, top fantasy movies are created with computer graphics. A person gets a unique opportunity to enjoy a brilliant performance of actors and atmosphere created by skillful specialists.

El laberinto del fauno    

A young girl arrives with her mom in a military camp to her stepfather. While walking, the heroine runs into the ruins of a mysterious labyrinth and meets its owner, the Faun. He tells the girl that she is a princess from a magic kingdom, but she must complete 3 tasks to see her true family again.

This movie has got its place in pop culture thanks to the Pale Man, a monster that eats children. This gothic fantasy uses the historical trauma of the Spanish Civil War and a young girl's attempts to make sense of the dark world that is beyond belief. And if writing an essay is beyond comprehension, it is worth getting essay writer help to get the best result possible.

The Golden Compass

Have you noticed that young kids are fearless and brave? They are ready to take on even the hardest missions to save the world. Thus, the main character's best friend mysteriously disappears along with many other kids in the country. You can guess that a heroine decides to do her best to find out what's going on. She finds out where the disappeared kids are, and she is ready to struggle with the enemies to free her friend. She has great helpers – gypsies, an armored bear, northern witches, and an object that tells the truth about unfamiliar things.


What are you afraid of most of all? Some people will say that the worst thing is to forget who you are. However, many people face this horrible reality when they reach a certain age. Thus, an amazing musician forgets his family, music, and even the happy moments because of Alzheimer's disease. Childhood remains the only thing he remembers, so he starts behaving like a kid. Dreams help him travel in the past, where he wants to find lost memories. However, childhood fears and frightening visions start chasing him as well. And if you feel anxiety because of your assignments, read speedypaper reviews to find a way out.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

It is rightly considered one of the best fantasy movies worth watching. The antagonist kills the royal family to grab power, but the king's son manages to escape. Nobody would call the boy's life easy since he has to live in a brothel and sometimes steal to earn his living. The key moment here is that he remembers nothing about the royal origin. The magic sword Excalibur helps bring back memories, but the antagonist doesn't want to give up and reject the power gained that easily, so he decides to use dark forces.

The Spiderwick Chronicles

The family moves to a new house where one of the kids finds a walled-up room and an amazing book in it. Arthur Spiderwick, the author of the book, described the wizarding world in detail, and kids get into it. They will meet magical creatures and start struggling with evil ogres and goblins who want to steal knowledge from Arthur's book. Will the heroes manage to win the battle? Study the best essay writing service reviews to have enough free time to find out the answer.

Oz the Great and Powerful

The main character is a skillful conjurer who tries to hide from the husband of the girl he seduced. A hot air balloon becomes salvation, but the hero gets into a powerful tornado that takes him to a magical land.

There, the witch takes the conjurer for the magician who was prophesied in ancient times. Everyone expects the main hero to expel the wicked witch, who killed the king and illegally seized power.

Jack the Giant Slayer

When they were kids, Jack and Princess Isabella read tales of frightening giants who descend from heaven along beanstalks that grew from small seeds overnight. One day, a wanderer gave Jack some bean seeds and told him to keep them out of the water. However, the hero does not fulfill the old man's request, and the seeds get wet. So, children's fairy tales turn into reality, and the protagonist has to fight the giants to save his significant other.


Many people don't like to read books because they don't have a vivid imagination. A young girl doesn't know that her father is endowed with an amazing ability to bring characters to life. However, this coin has a downside. If the hero of the work comes to life, their place in the book is taken by a person from the real world. Many years later, the main protagonist meets the characters he released and finds the very book in which his wife is imprisoned, Ink Heart.