Features | Written by Animal Johns 02/02/2021

4 Slots with the Best Sci-fi Themes

Quick question: What do Godzilla, Star Trek, Interstellar, and Back to the Future have in common? They're all great sci-fi movies that will leave you wondering whether there's anything larger than life. Sci-fi films often explore the boundaries of science, and, without a doubt, there's something strange and wonderful about each of them. The sci-fi genre is full of mystery, mystery that continues to fascinate people. The themes and storylines vary, but the science behind them is remarkably similar. In all of them, scientists are doing research on a new planet or a new star system. In most cases, these scientists will go through intense physical and mental challenges as they try to find out more about this mysterious world. Just like sci-fi movies, casino slots based on these movies are thrilling. You never know where the reel will stop spinning. They're mysterious, thrilling, and even a little bit scary.

If you want to play games with sci-fi themes but you're not a fan of sci-fi movies, then these games are for you! They can be played online and offline, so your options are endless. There's something for everyone in this list, especially those who like to spin the reels on casino slot machines. You can find detailed reviews of these and other slots on sites like KasynoHEX

1.  Star Trek slot

A true classic, Star Trek has the best of both worlds. It combines the technological advances of today with the old school roots of the show. The graphics are stellar and right out of the movie. If you like sci-fi or games based on TV shows, you'll love this slot game. Even if you're not a fan but like space themes and games with bonus rounds, then this is the game for you. When it comes to bonuses, this one has all kinds. There's a bonus round with the Borg, a scatter symbol, and prizes.

2. Transformers

If you don't know anything about Transformers, then this is the slot game for you. It doesn't matter if you know who Bumblebee is or that Optimus Prime is an alien robot from outer space. There are symbols like Bonus Free Spins and Wild Symbols that make this an enjoyable game for everyone. The symbols on both online and offline slot games are easy to see when playing a casino game like this one. Moreover, the online version has a leaderboard (depending on the casino) that keeps you up to date on who is winning and what they're winning. This game has everything you can hope for in a game.

3. The Big Bang

This slot machine takes you through the origins of life as we know it! The graphics are awesome, the symbols are easy to read, and it has everything you'd expect from such a theme. You'll never guess where the reel will stop or what symbol it will land on next. You have three rows to play, so if you know what your playing for there's a good chance you'll win big! This slot machine also comes in different versions. You can play with 3-5 reels, or opt for 6-10. The higher number means the more chances you have to win. If you like space themes and bonus rounds, this is the slot machine for you.

4. Battlestar Galactica

If you have a thing for sci-fi or perhaps the classic miniseries from the '70s then this is your best bet! It's easy to see what symbol will come up with all of the explosions and space ships flying around, but there's a lot more to this game than meets the eye. You'll enjoy how it combines luck and skill in gameplay, along with three rows of symbols that are easy to read. You'll love the logos, and you might even find yourself racing home to play. This video slot game is worth mentioning for three reasons. It's a great way to spend a few hours doing something that doesn't make you exhausted, it's easy to win money on, and it's very eye-popping; especially the reels.