Chapter 1 The Howit is almost certainly the most extraordinary animal that the human race has ever come across and not the least extraordinary thing about it is its name, the origin of which is now, unfortunately, lost in antiquity. In researching the records I have come across many names that this creature was known … Continued

Original Fiction: THE SAND LIBRARY

I’ve always had a lonely childhood, sickly from birth, no mother to speak of, and a father always absent with work. I spent most of my days at my uncle’s estate; however, he was seldom there, so I was left to my own devices. The only reason I stayed at the estate rather than at … Continued

Original Fiction: ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER

Oifa lays Carna down at the gnarled roots of the spider tree. She brushes her mother’s hair with her hands and manages a small, sad smile. “Ma loved the spiders,” she says, her voice soft and barely above a whisper. “Every night they would meet in her dreams, and she’d tell stories. They liked fairy … Continued


The first time I died, they broke my neck. Not that I remember it. He tells me. Every time he comes to wipe my mind, Cal Kairov tells me the story of how the guards didn’t even bother to shoot me. They were ordered not to. My neck clicks with the remembrance buried in my … Continued

Original Fiction: OPERATION TABLE

He awoke with a start to the sound of machines. Bright light burned his eyes, forcing his iris to strain and retract against the onslaught. A dry rasp escaped his throat. He had attempted to speak, but his lips were dry and cracked. His vocal chords felt bruised. His whole body felt bruised. Attempting to … Continued

Original Fiction: METASTASIS

@cancer Well hello liver. You look good enough to eat. LOL! John had started the @cancer persona on Twitter as a coping mechanism. Talking was his preferred method of conflict resolution, but his illness never talked back. By giving it a handle and conversing with it online he found himself better able to face the … Continued

Original Fiction: DARK DARK

The black, twisted forms of the winter-barren trees shiver in rain-laden winds. Looming over the narrow dirt pathway, their spindly branches meet, entwine, form into a bower. Christiana spurs her horse on, the rotting forest smell now curling into her lungs. While needle-tip branches claw her face and snag her hair, she keeps her attention … Continued

Original Fiction: THE DAY JOB

It’s not easy to cut through a human skull with a hacksaw. It’s not easy and it’s not fun either. Day in and day out; the same tedious work. Skulls, hacksaw, skulls, hacksaw. It’s tough work but it’s the price you to have pay for the pleasure of killing for a living. I can’t very … Continued

Original Fiction: AUTO-FRANKOLOGY

Frank wondered, Who hears the things I’m saying when no one is listening? as he wandered the dusty back halls of the campus library. His nose but inches away from his Personal Electronic Library Log. The device was nested firmly in his hand, bathing his face in artificial light, accentuating his high, knobby cheekbones, bumpy, red … Continued


I’ve found a way to bend time. I can reach out and bring the future to me; make it mine… now… whenever I want to. It’s like having a remote control on my life except I can only fast forward. No more weekdays, no more 9-5, no more boredom and no more ever doing what … Continued