Legendary poster artist GRAHAM HUMPHREYS talks horror, his long career, influences, the evils of Photoshop, and more! STARBURST: One of your most celebrated earliest works was the iconic UK theatrical poster for Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead, a film which was soon to be dragged unfairly into the whole Video Nasty controversy. Do you think … Continued

Dee Wallace | BEYOND THE SKY

Actor Dee Wallace has been a stalwart of genre cinema for over four decades, from The Hills Have Eyes to The Howling to Cujo to Popcorn to The Frighteners. Her recent roles in the likes of Ti West’s The House of the Devil and Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake have introduced her to a whole new … Continued

Jane Giles | SCALA CINEMA 1978-1993

STARBURST readers of certain age and location will have fond memories of London’s Scala Cinema Club, which was a pre-Internet shrine to every cult movie imaginable. Twenty-five years since its last all-nighter, we get nostalgic with programmer-turned-historian, Jane Giles… The Scala was the UK’s most notorious repertory cinema. Throughout the years of Thatcher and fear-mongering … Continued

Craig Wainwright | THE LAST TITAN

Craig Wainwright is an independent UK-based author. We caught up with him to discuss his debut novel THE LAST TITAN. STARBURST: Tell us about The Last Titan… Craig Wainwright: It’s a novel that’s been in the making for about 40 years from when I was about ten! It’s in the vein of superhero novel. Somebody … Continued

Andrew Lee Potts | THE INNOCENTS

We caught up with former Primeval star Andrew Lee Potts to discuss his role in the new Netflix show The Innocents and the future of this web series Wireless… STARBURST: For those who haven’t caught it yet, tell us a little bit about The Innocents. Andrew Lee Potts: The premise of the show is kind … Continued

James Lavelle | THE MAN FROM MO’WAX

James Lavelle thrust himself into the musical spotlight in the early ‘90s with his game-changing style that infused a whole slew of musical genres and got the toes tapping of many a listening ear. At the age of just eighteen, Lavelle founded the Mo’ Wax record label and would then go on to found UNKLE … Continued

David Tennant / Dean Devlin / Brandon Boyce | BAD SAMARTIAN

The cast and crew of Bad Samaritan, from director Dean Devlin starring David Tennant and written by Brandon Boyce, took time out from their busy schedule to talk about this new psychological, horror film to STARBURST. STARBURST: David, your character, Cale Erendreich, is very dark and a departure of some of the roles you’ve played … Continued

Justin McConnell | LIFECHANGER

  Justin McConnell has crafted a memorable horror drama with his latest film Lifechanger, which is generating some buzz on the back end of its recent screenings at Fantasia in Montreal and is scheduled to get another view when it plays at this year’s London Frightfest at the end of August. Starburst recently had the … Continued

Alon Young | PATRON

We caught up with filmmaker Alon Young to find out about his upcoming short film Patron, co-directed by Emily Haigh, which is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo. STARBURST: What was the inspiration behind Patron? Alon Young: Honestly, I was just appalled when news of the Weinstein scandal first broke. Then, as the extent of his crimes … Continued