The Best 3D Movies Ever Made

3D is a technology that’s been around for a while now, but in the last few years, it’s become much more widespread. No longer relegated to grand-scale cinematic experiences alone, it’s been used in video games, live casino events, and even concerts. But the silver screen is still the place where it truly shines. Creating … Continued

Craig Wainwright | THE LAST TITAN

Craig Wainwright is an independent UK-based author. We caught up with him to discuss his debut novel THE LAST TITAN. STARBURST: Tell us about The Last Titan… Craig Wainwright: It’s a novel that’s been in the making for about 40 years from when I was about ten! It’s in the vein of superhero novel. Somebody … Continued

Andrew Lee Potts | THE INNOCENTS

We caught up with former Primeval star Andrew Lee Potts to discuss his role in the new Netflix show The Innocents and the future of this web series Wireless… STARBURST: For those who haven’t caught it yet, tell us a little bit about The Innocents. Andrew Lee Potts: The premise of the show is kind … Continued

ROUNDERS: The Greatest Gambling Movie of all Time?

It’s 20 years since Rounders was released to widespread critical acclaim. The film, starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton, focused on the dirty side of underground poker. The name ‘rounder’ referred to someone who travels from city-to-city seeking high-stakes poker games. Box Office takings were slightly underwhelming for the film on its initial release – … Continued


STARBURST goes on location in Yorkshire for an exciting new film starring the legendary DAVID BRADLEY. Want to know more? AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS… On the outskirts of a tiny village just outside of York is a hidden gem; a film studio in which the Editors of this esteemed magazine have been granted a visit to … Continued

The Real Reason Why Adults Love the Fantasy Gaming Genre

From video games to LARPing, find out why an entire generation of fantasy gaming lovers still continue to enjoy the genre they grew up with today. Escaping the mundane: Why Adults Continue to Love the Fantasy Gaming Genre  Today, the fantasy gaming genre is more popular than it ever has been before. Since its early … Continued


STARBURST goes hunting and takes a look at THE PREDATOR as well as various other iterations of vicious but sporting character. We also preview VENOM, in which Tom Hardy portrays Marvel’s arch Spidey villain-cum-anti-hero, and THE HOUSE WITH A CLOCK IN ITS WALLS, the latest from Eli Roth, starring Jack Black and based on the … Continued

No Clues. No Hope. No Escape. WAKE IN FEAR

Let’s cast our eyes back to 2016’s Wake in Fear, a nifty abduction shocker starring Caitlin Stasey (All Cheerleader’s Die) and Markus Taylor (Deadheads). The début feature film from Dylan K. Narang, Wake in Fear is a surprising blend of contemporary horror ideas split across two simultaneously running storylines, one following an abducted girl, the … Continued

James Lavelle | THE MAN FROM MO’WAX

James Lavelle thrust himself into the musical spotlight in the early ‘90s with his game-changing style that infused a whole slew of musical genres and got the toes tapping of many a listening ear. At the age of just eighteen, Lavelle founded the Mo’ Wax record label and would then go on to found UNKLE … Continued