Claire North | THE END OF THE DAY

Claire North is one of the pen names of prolific author Catherine Webb, who is also known to younger readers as Kate Griffin. As Claire North, she has written three science fiction novels, including the award winning The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August. We caught up with her to talk about her recently released … Continued


This month, we celebrate the release of the latest film in the STAR WARS sage – THE LAST JEDI. As well as previewing the movie, we look back the work and life of the series’ creator GEORGE LUCAS. It’s also a very special month as STARBURST reaches our 40th Anniversary. This issue is packed with … Continued

Andy Weir | ARTEMIS

Andy Weir is an American novelist whose debut novel, The Martian, was later adapted into a film of the same name directed by Ridley Scott in 2015. His eagerly anticipated novel, Artemis, is out now.   STARBURST: What is the elevator pitch for Artemis? Andy Weir: Artemis takes place in a city on the Moon in … Continued


Anthology films are nothing new to horror cinema. The story collection format has been a hallmark of the genre, going all the way back to Paul Leni’s 1924 silent film, Waxworks. Leni’s film helped set the template for what viewers have come to expect from the horror anthology: a framing device helps set up the … Continued

Still Trouble After All These Years

STARBURST takes a look back at classic John Carpenter film BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA … “I’m not saying I’ve been everywhere and done everything. But I do know this is a pretty amazing planet we live on here. And a man would have to be some kind of fool to think we’re all alone … Continued

Back to the Raza – in Praise of DARK MATTER

As the third season of Syfy hit DARK MATTER makes its way to DVD, our Production Manager gives his personal view on why we shouldn’t be overlooking this show… I am always looking for a good sci-fi show that involves spaceships and zooming around the galaxies. So two years ago, I invested my time in … Continued

Gameception: The Most Memorable Games Within Games

There is nothing better in a high-octane, action-packed, stressful console game than getting to play a little mini-game to diffuse some of that tension. It seems a pattern in big budget console games that, almost as an Easter egg – yet often also as part of the narrative – the protagonist has to do something … Continued

Four Blackjack Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

There’s something very special about the lure of the casino, a blend of danger, sophistication and the possibility to win vast amounts of money. When you think about it that way, it is unsurprising that they feature in so many of the most popular movies. Of course, when casinos feature on the big screen, the … Continued

Movies We Wish Were Slot Games

For decades, movie, TV and book characters, comic book heroes, celebrities, musicians and bands have adorned all manner of objects, articles and items, including slot machines. And while branded or themed slot games are no stranger to land casinos, they are a relatively new – and very welcome – addition to the global online and … Continued

Lady Killers – A Preview of DOUBLE DATE

Any man who claims that he has never been afraid of women in one way or another is a liar; their alluring beauty, inscrutable minds and unpredictable behaviour have baffled men since time immemorial. Pushing this idea to the extreme is the starting point of British comedy horror Double Date. The brainchild of writer Danny … Continued