News Movies | Written by Andrew Pollard 17/06/2020

Ewan McGregor Joins del Toro’s PINOCCHIO

In a fun piece of news, Guillermo del Toro’s animated Pinocchio has brought in Ewan McGregor.

GDT has been in development on the project for the past few years, and this first piece of casting news has seen McGregor himself reveal he’ll be voicing Jiminy Cricket in the picture.

McGregor revealed this news during an interview with ACE Universe, in which he added how he’d already started recording some of his dialogue in New York before the world was thrown into uncertainty.

For this new spin on the classic Pinocchio, del Toro is on writing, directing, and producing duties. The animated offering will be based on designs from Gris Grimley, and it’ll be set in Italy during the 1930s at a time when Mussolini and Fascism was running wild.

Expect more on GDT’s Pinocchio as it continues to develop.