News Comic Book News News TV | Written by Laura Potier 06/04/2022

EVE STRANGER Comics Being Adapted by BBC Studios

BBC Studios has optioned the Eve Stranger comic book series and is adapting it into a television show, Deadline reports. The series is currently in development.

Veronica Gleeson is set to write the series about Eve, an "amnesiac for hire" with unlimited funds, a jet-set lifestyle and extraordinary abilities. Eve wakes up in a hotel room having forgotten who she is and how she got there. Beside her is a teddy bear, credit card, briefcase full of cash, a used syringe, and a letter in her handwriting detailing her next assignment. She's living week by week, undertaking various, seemingly impossible jobs on behalf of a mysterious benefactor. Her blood carries nanobombs, and the contents of the syringe are the closest thing she has to a cure – it deactivates them for one week, but it also wipes her memory.

Per the comic book's description, Eve Stranger wakes up each Friday morning "with a clean slate and a new job, from black ops action/adventure hero to personal shopper, scuba treasure hunter to space station saboteur."

Being Human (the British/superior version) exec Matthew Bouch is producing the series, and described the comics as a "mind-bending journey, a wild mix of complex characters and comic book verve taking us on an action-adventure ride that dazzles even as it deepens in psychological richness."

The comics were created by writer David Barnett, with illustrations by Philip Bond, and were released as a miniseries in 2019.