Deep Space Nine’s Terry Farrell is the latest special guest to appear at the 24th annual Sci-Fi Ball convention, which takes place over three days from February 2nd – 4th, 2018 at the stunning four-star Grand Harbour Hotel, Southampton to raise vital funds to help the extraordinary work of the Teenage Cancer Trust.

At nearly six feet tall, Terry Farrell seemed destined to be a model.  After a year as a foreign exchange student in Mexico City, the Iowa teenager moved to New York to audition for the Elite modelling agency – and just two days later signed an exclusive contract with Mademoiselle Magazine. Two years later, her CV included an appearance in the feature film Back to School, with Rodney Dangerfield and a recurring role on the television series Paper Dolls.  After stints on The Cosby ShowFamily TiesQuantum Leap and the feature Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth, Terry Farrell accepted a six-year contract for the role of Jadzia Dax on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  Choosing not to remain with the series for its seventh and final season, Farrell moved to a different soundstage on the Paramount Pictures lot to co-star with Ted Danson in the comedy series Becker. She recently became engaged to Adam Nimoy; the son of Leonard Nimoy who originated the role of Spock in the original series of Star Trek.


Other confirmed guests include Gary Graham (Star Trek: Voyager, Alien Nation), Vic Mignogna (Star Trek: Continues and Anime shows RWBY and Full Metal Alchemist) and Chris Doohan (Star Trek: Into Darkness, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Star Trek: Continues and son of James Doohan aka ‘Scotty’ from Star Trek) with many more guests and exhibits soon to be announced.

The not-for-profit convention brings together fans of Science Fiction and Fantasy to ensure they have a truly out of this world weekend, including parties, special guest panels, activities for the whole family, fan-built and actual props and sets, autograph and photography sessions with the stars, roaming Daleks, a packed exhibition and dealers room, cosplay and fancy dress competitions, a Sci-Fi pub quiz, karaoke and special ticket holders can even enjoy a three-course black-tie dining experience including cabaret and an exclusive cocktail party with the stars of the small and silver screen and many other activities too.


This February sees the Sci-Fi Ball celebrate twenty-four years of raising money for charitable causes bringing their total donations to the Teenage Cancer Trust to over £41,000.

Director and Founder of the Sci-Fi Ball Anne Lindup comments, “We are absolutely delighted to welcome Terry Farrell to join the great family of Science fiction fans at the Sci-Fi Ball. We have been talking for several years and are thrilled that she has accepted our invitation to help us raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust this coming February”.


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