News Gaming News | Written by Ed Fortune 18/08/2022

Doctor Who and Middle Earth Announced for Magic The Gathering

The world’s most played collectable card game, Magic The Gathering, has announced two new card sets as part of their Universes Beyond range. The Lord of the Rings -Tales of Middle-earth and Doctor Who sets. The Middle Earth set will be out in Autumn 2023 and the cards have special borders, and you can combine the cards to form an epic picture.

The Doctor Who sets will be Commander Decks, collector boosters and very limited edition Secret Lair collector sets. Obviously the Doctor is a Planes Walker.

Before those two though, a Warhammer 40,000 tie-in set is coming soon. In addition to four commander decks, four Sol Rings are themed after each faction representing The Imperium of Man, Tyranids, Necrons, and Chaos. The cards in the collector’s edition of each commander deck have a new Surge Foil treatment.

Magic The Gathering has also announced a return to in-person events as part of its Magic 30, including a return to Friday Night Magic events, as well as tournaments, cosplay events etc.

Later this year, players will return to where it all started in Dominaria United. Home to the first Magic set that was released in 1993, and the centerpiece of storytelling for the first decade, Dominaria is the core of Magic’s multiverse. Dominarians are pitted against the Phyrexians in the kickoff to an epic four-set story arc. Dominaria United releases on Sept. 9, but fans can preorder now.