News Gaming News | Written by Ed Fortune 16/06/2021

D&D Live to star Jack Black, Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes and more

Jack Black, Reggie Watts, Lauren Lapkus, Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Kate Welch and a mystery guest will star in a very special game of Dungeons of Dragons as part of July’s D&D Live 2021 event.

The two hour D&D game will feature dragons, krakens and giant sea queens as part of a live-stream game called Losy Odyssey: Last Light. The game will be a fund-raiser for the charity Extra Live, a charity which raises money for sick children through gaming.

D&D Live 2021 will run for two days, July 16 & 17. It will be full of information on upcoming D&D storylines, Magic: The Gathering sets, and secret projects.  Three more two-hour star-studded D&D sessions are planned for the event, but have not been announced.

Experienced Dungeon Master Kate Welch said: “Holy crap, are you sure you want to put these people around a D&D table with me? I’m pretty sure it’s going to be bedlam, but maybe that’s what D&D Live is all about. In all honesty, I’m honoured to weave a tale for this group of incredibly funny folks. It’ll be a session you won’t forget!”

Watch D&D Live 2021 on July 16 & 17 at 19:00 GMT. G4TV and D&D are teaming-up to deliver this weekend long show in multiple ways so you don't miss it. The broadcasts can be found on Peacock, G4TV, YouTube and Twitch. 

As well as the games, D&D Live 2021 is a place to get information on upcoming products from Wizards of the Coast, including interviews with the lead designers behind the annual D&D storyline The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, the D&D source book set in a Magic: The Gathering plane Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos, and Magic’s Adventures in the Forgotten Realms set using D&D mechanics and monsters. There will be a few surprise announcements as well, though no one has confirmed if that means Dragonlance is getting announced this year.