News Book Event Gaming News | Written by Ed Fortune 09/06/2021

D&D Charity Stream to Raise LGBTQ Awareness

Webcomic heroes Penny Arcade have teamed up (again) with Wizards of The Coast to support Lambert House, a US based charity that provides a safe-space for young LGBTQ people.

The star-studded live stream starts at Midnight (UK Time) on Wednesday June 9th, and can be found via and

The show will feature Star Trek Discovery star Anthony Rapp as a tiefling bard, Omega Jones (aka the Critical Bard) as a reborn satyr warlock, comedian AJ Lamarque as a human town crier,  D&D games designer Jeremy Crawford as a gnomish artificer and artist and designer Trystan Falcone as a wood elf druid.

Actor, comedian and all round fantastic person Kate Welch will be the Dungeon Master.  Kate has had plenty of experience wrangling celebs for D&D, so this one should be fun to watch. Give-aways of D&D and Elderwood Academy merch will also feature in the show.

In addition, D&D and Magic Pride t-shirts can be purchased at, with all proceeds going to the Lambert House.