News Book Gaming News | Written by Ed Fortune 10/06/2021

D&D Embraces Fans In Europe

Dungeons and Dragons is the roleplaying game that has conquered the world, but not every country has access to the latest translations. Foreign language copies of the game sell-out very quickly and fans, especially those in Europe, have been eager for the latest rules and supplements.

Today, Wizards of the Coast have announced that French, Spanish and Italian readers will have access to new and updated printings of the Players Handbook, Dungeon Masters Guide and Monster Manual as well as the Essentials Kit. They’ll be on sale from September 24th. Localized versions of the Core Rulebooks Gift Set will be available late October.

The Spanish language version is primarily focused on European Spanish speakers, but every effort has been made to make it accessible to all Spanish speakers, no matter where they are from. The Spanish language books will be avaiable in Latin American countries a few weeks after their release in Europe. In addtion Wizards of the Coast have said that they will be localising and releasing their latest and greatest titles on an approximately quarterly basis from 2022 onwards. Where possible, release dates will be aligned from next year so all fans can get their hands on the new books when they're launched.