News Event News | Written by Matt Taylor 29/04/2021

DC Fandome Returning this October!

Holy fan event Batman, DC Fandome is happening again!

That’s right folks, for the second year in a row Warner Bros is running the entirely-virtual, completely-free fan convention DC Fandome.

The event, which first ran last August, will showcase the latest and greatest in DC material when it’s streamed online on October 16. Last year we were treated to panels for just about every upcoming DC project, which included first looks at Matt Reeves’ take on The Batman, James Gunn’s upcoming The Suicide Squad, and the infamous Snyder Cut of Justice League, as well as previews for new video games including Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

What might we see this year, though? Well, given the number of DC films currently in production, it seems like a fairly safe bet to say we’ll get some new Batman footage, and maybe even some first looks at The Flash, Black Adam, and Shazam!: Fury of the Gods.

Beyond that, it’s hard to say. Last year’s Fandome was huge, and full of surprise announcements – might we expect something similar this year? Well, the question on everyone’s lips will be one about Zack Snyder: namely, are they going to ask him to make any more movies for DC in the wake of the (mostly) positive response to his version of Justice League?

Well, we certainly hope so! While we at Starburst weren’t totally enamoured with the Snyder Cut (you can read our full thoughts here), we did find a lot to like, and we’d be happy to see more from him. Another DC Fandome event feels like the perfect time to announce another film, in whatever form that takes. Just don’t be a dick about it, yeah?

In the meantime we’ve plenty to look forward to from DC with not one but TWO Suicide Squad properties right around the corner – and we couldn’t be more excited.