News Movies | Written by Andrew Pollard 07/05/2019

David S. Goyer Penning HELLRAISER Reboot

With there having been plentiful rumblings of a proper Hellraiser reboot over the years, now comes a major update on just such a redo.

Courtesy of Variety, David S. Goyer has been brought in by Spyglass Media to pen the screenplay for what has been labelled a “loyal, evolved reimagining” of Hellraiser. Goyer, of course, is no stranger to genre fans, with his writing credits including the likes of the Blade trilogy, Batman Begins, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the Constantine TV series.

On this news, Goyer enthused, “I’ve been a fan of Clive’s work since the original Books of Blood paperbacks and The Hellbound Heart novella. Having the chance to reimagine Pinhead and the Cenobites for a new audience is a nightmare-come-true.”

This Hellraiser do-over is said to be being fast-tracked for a big-screen release, which will be the first time that Pinhead has been seen on the cinema screen for years now. We’ve had several so-so straight-to-video releases in decades, mind, but fans will surely be chomping at the bit of the prospect of a Hellraiser offering adorning the silver screen once more.

As alluded to, rebooting Hellraiser is something that’s been talked about for an age, with Clive Barker himself even writing a remake at one point in time. Barker famously directed the 1987 movie, which itself was based on his own The Hellbound Heart work.

To date, there has been ten Hellraiser films, although only the first four were released theatrically; the last of those coming in 1996 with Hellraiser: Inferno. The most recent outing for Pinhead and his Cenobites came just last year in the form of the direct-to-video Hellraiser: Judgment. In addition to those features, the franchise has also included further books, comics, and even a video game.

Expect more on this Hellraiser reboot as we get it.