All has been a tad quiet lately on the long-announced World War Z sequel, but director David Fincher has finally given an (albeit brief) update on the follow-up.

Speaking to Little White Lies, Fincher explained, “We’re trying. A lot of stones have been laid. We’re just deconstructing it right now against the mythology that exists to see where we can go.”

And that was it. We said it was brief, right? Given the delays and spinning of wheels on World War Z 2, it’ll be encouraging to many genre fans to hear that the film is at least still happening, although that’s about all we know on the project right now.

Of course, that first World War Z movie also famously suffered from some huge delays, most notably seeing large parts of the film actually completely removed and major chunks of the second half rewritten and reshot. As such, you can maybe understand why Paramount would be keen to take their time in order to avoid such reworkings for the sequel. Right now, all that we know is that Fincher is directing and that Brad Pitt is returning to star.

Expect more on all things World War Z 2 as it continues to develop.

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