News News TV | Written by Laura Potier 17/12/2020

The CW Developing Sci-fi Drama THE DISASTERS

The CW has announced it is developing a new sci-fi series, based on M.K. England's YA novel The Disasters, with Supergirl writer/producer Derek Simon. The series is being co-produced by Berlanti Productions, 5 More Minutes Productions, and Warner Bros TV.

The 2019 sci-fi adventure novel, which has been described as The Breakfast Club meets Guardians of the Galaxyis set in a future where humans have begun colonising space in order to save the Earth from its climate crisis.

The Disasters follows a group of four washouts from a prestigious military academy, Ellis Station, and are forced to flee to the Colonies when they become scapegoats for a terror attack. Now on the run and fearing for their lives, the group must band together to clear their names and expose the truth about the attack.

With the project still in its earliest stages, there is no word yet on casting, or possible release date.

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