News Event Gaming News | Written by Ed Fortune 03/06/2022

Critical Role Team To Release Free RPG

Darrington Press, the RPG publishing arm of hit Twitch show Critical Role have announced that they will be giving away a one-page RPG called A Familiar Problem, designed by famed tabletop game designer Grant Howitt  and Critical Role’s own Marisha Ray

The rules will be available as part of Free RPG Day on June 25th, a world wide event designed to encourage gamers to attend their friendly local gaming store.

In A Familiar Problem you’ll play as a scrappy and stressed out group of familiars trying to get a grip on the chaotic lives your adventuring party subjects, and make a difference any small way you can. To prove you're up to adventuring, you’ll band together and undertake a daring quest of your own.

Additionally, Marisha Ray will be running this game in an exciting one-shot titled A Familiar Problem: Sprinkle's Incredible Journey! The familiars in question will include beloved Critical Role favorites alongside new friends of fur, scales, and a whole lot of chaos. Players in this upcoming one-shot include Critical Role founders Laura BaileyMatthew Mercer, and Travis Willingham, with Heidi N Closet (Ru Paul’s Drag Race), Isabella Roland (Dimension 20) joining the table. A Familiar Problem: Sprinkle's Incredible Journey! will be available via Twitch in the UK from June 24 and on Youtube the following Monday.