News Book Gaming News | Written by Ed Fortune 05/08/2021

Critical Role Gets The Beadle & Grimm Treatment

Fans of hit Dungeons and Dragons livestream Critical Role will be delighted to learn that the newcampaign book,   Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn,  will get the full Beadle and Grimm treatment. This means that it will be available in a deluxe boxed-set version.

The box will include maps, in-world handouts,  coins and jewellery, encounter cards, a Dungeon Master's screen and bonus adventures. The core book will be split into smaller booklets, allowing for each of use on the gaming table. Beadle and Grimm specialise in taking popular roleplaying game books and turning them into deluxe boxed sets.

Boxed sets for roleplaying games have fallen out of fashion in recent times; back in the 80's and 90's they where a common thing, stuffed with books, maps and more.  These days RPG expansions tend to come in a hardback book format, and the vanilla version of  Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn will be available as a normal book from it's creators, Darrington Press.

The Beadle and Grimm box can also be upgraded to include additional jewellery and extra maps. The company was founded by Hackers and Scooby Doo actor Matthew Lillard who wanted to give modern gaming a deluxe, old-school twist.  They specialise in utterly gorgeous looking things for table-top gaming; physical items are a very cool way of inspiring gamers

The campaign book is set between the first two campaigns of the Critical Role, show. Specifically the events after Vox Machina and shortly before Mighty Nein begins. It is keenly anticipated by Critical Role's ever growing fanbase.