News Comic Book News Gaming News | Written by Ed Fortune 03/10/2022

Classic Judge Dredd Game Returns

Eighties Era Judge Dredd Board Game, Judge Dredd: The Game of Crime Fighting in Mega-City One, is to finally be re-printed.

The classic boardgame was designed by industry legend Sir Ian Livingstone. The new edition features updated cards, revised rules and a new expansion that allows players to take on the roles of Specialist Judges. The new version of the game will keep the classic Brian Bolland and Ian Gibson artwork, which will also be recoloured.

Players will take on the role of a Mega City Judge and patrol the board looking for perps to bust. Action Cards will give each Judge an edge or make things tougher for the criminal scum that roam the streets of Mega City One. Each Judge has a special ability, from psychic powers of Psi Judge to the unique skills of the undercover Wally Squad.

Back in the 80's, this game was produced by Games Workshop. The new edition will be available via Rebellion Unplugged, Rebellion's traditional games company.

Designer Sir Ian Livingstone said, "I'm thrilled that Rebellion Unplugged is publishing my Judge Dredd board game. It's 40 years since players first had the chance to drive around Mega-City One to arrest the Angel Gang, Judge Death and other perps for their various crimes. The additional rules, action cards and recoloured art combine to make the new edition a game that I hope every Dredd fan will want to play."

Duncan Molloy, Head of Rebellion Unplugged, commented "It's a delight to be working with Ian, and a real treat to revisit one of the true classics of British board-gaming. We've kept the gonzo spirit of the original while giving it a fresh look and adding new characters like the Specialist Judges, to make this edition a real celebration of the last 40 years."