News Audio | Written by Andrew Pollard 10/08/2020

Christopher Eccleston Returning as the Ninth Doctor

In some huge news for Doctor Who fans, Christopher Eccleston is reprising his Ninth Doctor role for a new Big Finish production titled Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Adventures.

Eccleston famously took on the role of the iconic Time Lord for Doctor Who’s revival in 2005. Despite receiving praise from both fans and critics alike, Eccleston decided to depart the series after one solitary season – citing a fear of being typecast as the driving factor behind his decision.

Since then, Doctor Who has been fronted for three seasons a piece by David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi, and Jodie Whittaker has wrapped up two seasons as the Doctor.

Confirming the news of Eccleston’s return to the franchise, Big Finish put out the below video:

As to how Eccleston’s return came about, Big Finish’s Jason Haigh-Ellery revealed that he had tentative talks with the star at this past February’s Gallifrey One convention. Having enjoyed the experience and seeing how positively his Doctor was remembered, Eccleston indicated that he’d be open to discussing a Big Finish outing for the Ninth Doctor.

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Adventures will consist of four three-story volumes which are currently pegged to be released in May 2021, August 2021, November 2021, and February 2022.