News Event News | Written by Ed Fortune 18/12/2021

China Wins Worldcon Bid

For the first time in history, international science fiction event Worldcon is coming to China.

The vote for 2023's Worldcon was held this week at the 79th Worldcon, Discon III in Washington DC USA.

China won with 2006 votes. The opposition, Winnipeg in Canada , only received 807. This year's site selection has been rife with complications. Critical data was released whilst the voting was still happening and clarification sought as to the clarity of voting forms.

Criticism has been raised that this international event still has work to do to make the event accessible to the world.

The Chinese Worldcon will be held in Chengdu, a Chinese city famous for it's hospitality. The win has been the result of very hard work from Chinese fandom, who have been attempting to bring Worldcon and the Hugo Awards to China for many years. Congratulations to the bid for their hard work and success.

The guests of honour will be

Robert J. Sawyer, Sergi Lukianenko and Liu Cixin.