GOTHAM Star Pertwee Heading to SCI-FI BALL 2019

Gotham star Sean Pertwee will be appearing at the 2019 Sci-Fi Ball, which takes place between February 8th and 10th at Southampton’s Grand Harbour Hotel. From the press release: Sean can currently be seen playing Alfred Pennyworth – a butler and valet to a young Bruce Wayne (before becoming Batman) in the smash-hit Fox TV … Continued

New Chance to See John Carpenter’s MEMOIRS OF AN INVISIBLE MAN

As if John Carpenter fans didn’t have enough to be excited about this coming October, what with the new version of Halloween and a second world tour for his music both just around the corner, now comes news that the director’s oft-forgotten 1992 cult sci-fi comedy Memoirs of an Invisible Man is getting a re-release … Continued

GAME OF THRONES Producer Diving into THE SWARM

Nope, not the one about the bees. We’re talking fish this time, as in the nasty ones featured in Frank Schätzing’s identically-titled 2004 novel. We say nasty, but given what mankind has put them through over the years – the oil-spills, the murdering, the kidnapping, all the urinating – it’s totally understandable they’d get their … Continued

THRILLER Resurrected and Heading to IMAX

Easily one of the most seminal music videos of all time, John Landis’s Thriller wasn’t just a treat for Michael Jackson fans, it’s also a fabulous horror flick in its own right. A tribute to all things that go bump in the night, the 1983 14-minute short featured zombies crawling from their graves, a wicked … Continued

STAR WARS EPISODE IX Adds Eleventh Doctor

Further to last weekend’s news that Dominic Monaghan (LOST) had joined the currently-filming Star Wars: Episode IX cast at a late stage, now comes reports that another genre alum has signed on in the form of fan fave Matt Smith (Doctor Who)! As is par for the course, no information has been revealed yet as … Continued


Though July’s official press release issued for STAR WARS EPISODE IX revealed new additions to the cast such as Richard E. Grant (seek out his video tweet confirming his involvement, it’s adorable!), Felicity’s Keri Russell, and Naomi Ackie (Doctor Who), it appears that there are still surprising faces being added to the cast even now. … Continued

Apple Commits to Asimov’s FOUNDATION

Apple continue to gear up to compete with existing streaming giants Netflix and Prime, with the announcement of yet another show now in production – better still, unlike Carpool bloody Karaoke, this is right up STARBURST’s street! An adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s wildly ambitious sci-fi novel Foundation has now been granted a full series order … Continued

Netflix Scribbling Another DEATH NOTE

Though critics largely trashed it (its Rotten score isn’t pretty), the Netflix Original Death Note has recently been described as a huge success for the mighty streaming service, so much so that a sequel is now officially in the works. Adapted from the wildly successful manga by Tsugumi Ohba & Takeshi Obata, and following on … Continued

Prepare to Ascend JACOB’S LADDER in 2019

Released 28 years ago, Adrian Lyne’s Jacob’s Ladder explored the effects of PTSD through a genre lens, giving audiences a genuinely harrowing experience as we watched the life of a post-war (and post-Howard the Duck) Tim Robbins’ unravel before his eyes after returning from Vietnam. Its depiction of paranoia and terrifying hallucinatory imagery made for … Continued


STARBURST goes hunting and takes a look at THE PREDATOR as well as looks at various other iterations of vicious but sporting character. We also preview the VENOM, in which Tom Hardy portrays Marvel’s arch Spidey villain-cum-anti-hero, and THE HOUSE WITH A CLOCK IN ITS WALLS, the latest from Eli Roth, starring Jack Black and … Continued