Free streaming channel NYX UK will debut a new, exclusive documentary about the controversial former video nasty Cannibal Holocaust in June, followed by a screening of Ruggero Deodato’s film.

Cannibal Holocaust: Exposed is hosted by renowned author and critic Kim Newman and FrightFest co-director (and former STARBURST writer) Alan Jones. The pair take a look at the notorious movie and its impact on horror cinema. The documentary and film screen on June 6th from 9pm.

Other titles heading our way in June are the classic Paul Naschy gorefest Horror Rises From the Tomb, another former video nasty, House on Straw Hill, the superb rural nightmare Jugface, the cult-star-filled anthology The Theatre Bizarre, werewolf thriller Wild Country, horror comedy Dead Dicks, and Ti West’s Trigger Man.

You can get full listings for NYX UK here.

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