News Comic Book News Movies News | Written by Laura Potier 17/09/2021

BUFFALO WARRIOR Is The Newest Superhero To Watch

Production company Meridian Pictures has acquired the rights to turn artist Chaz Guest's paintings and graphic novel, Buffalo Warrior, into a feature film.

Guest's artworks tells the story of a boy, Booker Cooper, born into slavery. He enlists in the army and soon becomes a member of the Buffalo soldiers, the historic all-African American regiments of the United States Army formed in 1866. When the young man dies in battle, riddled by arrows, he falls into an open grave of sacred buffalo. Three days later, Cooper awaken in the spirit world where meets the sacred buffalo, who in turn allows him to become the Buffalo Warrior – a superhero who fights evil in a subconscious realm. he is reborn as the superhero Buffalo Warrior.

Artworks by Chaz Guest, depicting The Buffalo Warrior

Explaining his 'superhero series', Guest mused that "we all need superheroes. I'd love for a generation of 'other than white' to be strong in their imaginations. So, I created Buffalo Warrior: the first superhero from the cotton fields of America who fought as a Buffalo Soldier." In another interview with The National Portrait Gallery, the artist stated that "the series is an ongoing adventure on canvas."

Guest is a highly respected artist, whose fans include President Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, COO of Netflix Ted Sarandos, Angelina Jolie, Tyler Perry, and more – all of whom are proud owners of Guest's works.

Artwork ©2014 Chaz Guest. All rights reserved.