News Movies News | Written by Ed Fortune 12/06/2021

Bryan Fuller to Reimagine Stephen King’s CHRISTINE

Classic John Carpenter horror movie Christine is to get the full Hollywood reboot treatment. The project will be written and directed by TV's Bryan Fuller.  The original 1983 movie is based on the novel of the same name that launched Stephen King’s career to legendary status. It  is the story of a cherry red 1958 Plymouth Fury named Christine which becomes possessed by dark supernatural forces.  It’s owner becomes obsessed with the vehicle whilst the body count rises. Bryan Fuller is better known for his TV work, which includes Hannibal,  Star Trek Voyager, American Gods and Pushing  Daisies. This will be his motion picture directorial debut and Fuller will write and direct for Sony and Blumhouse. The producers include Jason Blum, Vincenzo Natali and Steve Hoban. We understand the new movie will be based on the book rather than the movie, but given that the movie sticks pretty close to the book, that doesn't really tell us much at this stage. Despite its supernatural elements, Christine is broadly regarded as a science fiction story .Similar tales include other sci-fi fare such as Theodore Sturgeon’s Killdozer! and Issac Asimov’s "Sally". This won’t be the first time Fuller has worked on a story about a deadly and malovolent vehicle ; he also wrote the teleplay for the Star Trek Voyager episode Alice which features a similar (but far less bloody) plot.