Paloma Faith is PENNYWORTH’s ‘Big Bad’

On the back of Epix’s Pennyworth series having began to amass its key cast, the series has now found the ‘big bad’ of its debut season. Via Comic Book Resources, Paloma Faith has been cast as a villain called Bet Sykes. This no-good sort is described as “sadistic and sharp tongued.” Other than that, very … Continued

Lex Luthor to Appear in SUPERGIRL

While Superman has made fleeting appearances in Supergirl over the show’s past two seasons, now comes word that his greatest foe is set to appear in the Melissa Benoist-headlined Maid of Might series. Courtesy of Deadline, executive producers Robert Rovner and Jessica Queller have revealed that Lex Luthor will soon be popping up in National … Continued

Netflix Cancels MARVEL’S LUKE CAGE

Well, this is a bit of a kicker. While you could possibly say that it wasn’t all that much of a shock to hear that Netflix had recently cancelled Marvel’s Iron Fist after two seasons, hearing that Marvel’s Luke Cage has also been canned is a bit of a surprise. Courtesy of Deadline, that is … Continued

Demián Bichir Joins GODZILLA VS. KONG

As the hotly anticipated Godzilla vs. Kong continues to flesh out its core cast, the crossover effort has moved to add Demián Bichir to its ranks. Via The Hollywood Reporter, the Alien: Covenant, The Hateful Eight, and The Nun actor has landed a to-be-revealed role in this coming together of two of cinema’s most legendary … Continued

Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for Lyndon White’s Magical CANDLES

Having impressed many with his work on the likes of Sparks and the Fallen Star, The Mind of James Svengal, and Hellbound Media’s Mandy the Monster Hunter, Lyndon White has now launched a crowdfunding campaign for his next project, Candles. A full-colour, self-contained fantasy graphic novel about a young girl who sets out to steal … Continued

NIGHTWING Gets a Name Change

Holy name change, Batman! Via, the comic-book Dick Grayson is getting a name change in Nightwing #51. Rather than Dick Grayson, the former Robin will now be known as Ric Grayson. Uhu… For those keeping up with the funny books these days, you’ll be well aware that there have been questions over Grayson’s future … Continued

PENNYWORTH Adds Two Series Regulars

Hot on the heels of casting Jack Bannon as its titular Alfred, Epix’s Pennyworth series has added two more to its ranks. As revealed by Epix themselves, Outlander’s Ryan Fletcher and Casualty’s Hainsley Lloyd Bennett have been confirmed as series regulars on the show, joining Bannon and Ben Aldridge – who is playing Thomas Wayne … Continued

Neil Marshall to Tackle Witches in THE RECKONING

As huge Neil Marshall fans here at Moonbase Alpha, it’s all kinds of awesome to hear that MoviePass Films has officially greenlit The Reckoning. Deadline were the first to break the news, with the picture set to star Ocean’s Eight’s Charlotte Kirk. In terms of plot, the early word on The Reckoning has it set … Continued

Could a THEY LIVE Sequel be on the Way?

Wait, what?! As the headline suggests, could a sequel to They Live be on the way? Maybe… With Halloween heading to the big screen in a matter of days, John Carpenter recently spoke to Den of Geek about which of his other movies would be ripe for a “refashioning” at some point in the future. When They … Continued

Female-led GRIMM Spin-off in Development

Still feeling glum that NBC canned Grimm last year after six seasons? Well, there’s a shining light coming to the fore on that front. Courtesy of The Wrap, NBC is currently developing a new female-led Grimm spin-off. Iron Fist and Beauty and the Beast’s Melissa Glenn will write and executive produce the to-be-titled series, with … Continued