News Movies | Written by Andrew Pollard 27/11/2019

Albert Hughes to Direct Warners’ Remake of THE FUGITIVE

With Warner Bros. rejigging The Fugitive, now comes news that that redo of a 1993 movie that was based on a 1963 TV series has found a director.

Via Deadline, The Book of Eli’s Albert Hughes has been tasked with helming this latest incarnation of The Fugitive for The WB. Broken City’s Brian Tucker is on writing duties for the film.

For those not familiar with ’93 take on The Fugitive, the loose premise saw Harrison Ford’s Dr. Richard Kimble accused of murdering his wife. Going on the run as he seeks to track down the real killer, Kimble has to fend off the presence of US Marshals led by Tommy Lee Jones’ Samuel Gerard – a performance than won Jones an Oscar.

That movie itself was a take on the 60’s show of the same name, which largely followed the same broad story arc. The only notable difference in the originals series is that Philip Gerard was a police lieutenant rather than a US Marshal. Said TV show aired for four seasons and a total of 120 episodes up until 1967.

Not just that, but there was also a 2000 TV take on The Fugitive starring Tim Daly and Stephen lang. The last said about that one-season canned wonder, the better.

This now big screen The Fugitive is not to be confused with Quibi’s upcoming The Fugitive series that will star Kiefer Sutherland and Boyd Holbrook.

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